Jan. 1, 0001


This page is a not so organised collection of datasets I use or want to in the future! Geo Data Open Topography Data catalogue Financial Data OpenCorporates - note that OpenCorporates can grant API keys with generous limits for academic and third sector research. Paid Resources which are worth the money OpenCage - A paid for API (with R and Python libraries) to improved OpenStreetMap data, well worth the modest subscription fee if you are trying to geo-code serious amounts of data.

Jan. 1, 0001

Tools that I Use

My workflow has been very influenced by Kieran Healy’s The Plain Person’s Guide to Plain Text Social Science. To this end, I make extensive use of emacs (the spacemacs variant, for which my dotfiles are on github). I will occasionally post explainers or tutorial posts on this (mostly so I can remember how did it six months ago!). There is not perfect why to use these tools or best way to get started and I would suggest just trying them out and customising them to your liking.