The information infrastructure of land registration in England: a sociology of real estate at the intersection of elites, markets and statistics (2021) PhD Thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Book Chapters

“The Culture of Elite Philanthropy: Russia and the United Kingdom Compared” in collaboration with Elizabeth Schimpfoessl (2019), in: eds, Peter Duncan and Elizabeth Schimpfoessl, “Socialism, Capitalism and Alternatives: Area Studies and Global Theories”, London: UCL Press, (2019)

“Challenging the Dogma of the Self-made Man: The Sunday Times Rich List Reexamined” in collabo- ration with Elizabeth Schimpfoessl, in eds, Rowland Atkinson, “Peaks and Troughs: Reflections on Research in Elites, Wealth, Inequality and Exclusion”, Manchester University Press, Forthcoming